Sussex Weald shelves third Steiner free school application

A piece of good news; the latest Steiner Free School bid in Sussex has been shelved, after the announcement earlier in the year that they would be re-applying in the current round this month.

The people of Uckfield near Forest Row have been spared, at least for the time being, the incumbrance of another Steiner institution in their midst.

The East Sussex area is afflicted with anthroposophy in a similar way to Stroud, and the group there were going ahead with their third application.

The Steiner Academy Sussex Weald website posted in April saying that the core group have decided to postpone their latest bid for two reasons; the changes required before they can reapply would have taken too long to complete, and the “core group” is still lacking a “secondary school teacher with senior leadership experience.”

As mentioned in a previous post the group have been advertising on facebook and on their website for someone with the required secondary school experience to join the team for months, and clearly have had no luck.

Interestingly there is a statement about changing requirements from the DfE for free school applications.

The DfE has been evolving the Free Schools application process over the last 5 years and has added extra conditions which earlier Steiner Academies have not had to deal with.

I would be interested to know which extra conditions Steiner groups consider problematic – it should be possible for members of the public to know this;  it is a £6.6 million cost for each new school after all, not to mention the extra cost to tax-payers each time an application is made.


Any thoughts?

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