Friday Evening Entertainment

If you fancy a bit of anthroposophical meditation and have  “…a basic familiarity with the ideas of spiritual science” you can go to this talk at Rudolf Steiner House tonight.


Like air, light is something most of us take for granted. Less tangible than air, it is even more difficult to grasp with our understanding. What can we do with a sentence such as ‘Wisdom lives in the light’? We can dismiss it as nonsensical or we can meditate on it. Can modern natural science or spiritual science elucidate what light is or does? Our speakers will attempt this term to throw light on these and other matters.

Apparently “Steiner gave important insights and meditations concerning the light including the verse ‘I gaze into the darkness.”

The speaker has a “connection with anthroposophy that goes back through her mother and grandparents.” Well qualified , then.


One comment

  1. Nick Nakorn

    When new versions of the double-slit experiment were published recently, many of us remarked that in a week or two all the mystics will be talking about light and how ‘we create our own reality’ or ‘science proves we are all psychically connected’ or ‘we can harness the special power of light’. Well, here we are a few weeks later…. :-) Of course there might be no connection whatsoever…..

Any thoughts?

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