Why you shouldn’t buy biodynamic vegetables

Someone said to me on Sunday, “Who cares what Rudolf Steiner said a century ago?”

Well here is an example of what can happen when so-called “teachers”, trained in anthroposophy are trusted to care for and educate the children of unsuspecting parents. It’s not new, but there are many other such descriptions from shocked and disappointed parents.

forum comment

forum comment

The people I was talking to can see nothing wrong with financially supporting the Steiner movement by buying biodynamic vegetables. They don’t believe that local Steiner people today share the beliefs of the Austrian mystic. Well, they do, as Richard House illustrated rather well in his letter to the SNJ just 2 weeks ago.

People find employment in this area by running anthroposophical businesses such as biodynamic farms, and often whole families are involved, working in other aspects of Steiner, such as kindergartens, colleges, camphill communities, schools, publishing, therapies, art groups and so-called medicine. It is big business here, and buying biodynamic vegetables may seem insignificant, but without their customers and service users, the anthroposophists would not be able to get into a position where they can treat families in the way the unfortunate commenter in the (screenshot) discussion above was treated.

Once we know about anthroposophy and that it is not a belief system we support, decisions have to be made about how to counter this threat.

Fresh local veg is available from many other sources, not just the biodynamic co-operative. There is no reason to use biodynamic methods unless you share the anthroposophical belief in reincarnation, and all the baggage that goes with it.

Isn’t it worth finding an alternative source of vegetables?



  1. Nick Nakorn

    Reblogged this on Nagara and commented:
    I thought this excellent piece by Helen over at ‘Stop Steiner in Stroud’ was a good example of how Anthroposophic doctrine affects individuals at the local level. Until Steiner/Waldorf thoroughly explain how and why they have changed their doctrine, practices and staff for the better, it is impossible for non-white people to feel other than ‘othered’ around Anthroposophic institutions. for more on Biodynamics, please see my post here: https://nicknakorn.wordpress.com/2010/07/13/can-we-trust-the-soil-association/

  2. Nick Nakorn

    An excellent post and a timely reminder that Anthroposophic doctrines do in fact impact upon individuals in very negative ways. Steiner/Waldorf and other Anthroposophic businesses are not immune to the intrinsic racism of Steiner’s racist hierarchy and, until Anthroposophy utterly renounces that doctrine and explains how and why they intend to counter it, non-white people will still feel othered by those supporting Steiner organisations.

  3. Jim

    There seems to be no shortage of money available to support the local expansion of the magic veg business. A report in last weeks Stroud News and Journal says that £250,000 has already been pledged to support the purchase of farmland for yet another “community” biodynamic farm adjacent to Hawkwood. I think the target is around £325,000 so it looks likely.

    I question the “community” aspect because the community in question is likely to be the Steiner rather than the local one. Unfortunately the level of Steiner entryism around here is such that one becomes suspicious of what might be quite genuine local community efforts.

    • Helen

      I missed that report about Hawkwood. Sometimes it feels like the non-Steiner inhabitants of Stroud are under siege.
      There is some good news in this weeks paper though, I have heard.

  4. anon

    For all the articles and blogs about the true underlying beliefs of Steiner, the anthroposophists still do a good job of selling their woo. I often wonder why there aren’t more disillusioned teachers writing about it; I wonder if they get paid off?

    There are two steiner trained teacher in this discussion- Lyehimian later on corroborates what karatecat has said…

    “Let me tell you, we were taught NOT to let on to parents too much with regards to anthroposophy, in-fact not to even mention it to parents and if they asked to just say we didn’t teach it – after all the parents were not important, and that was something that could be left until much later and only once it was found that a parent was ‘ready’ to be open to it, then they could be invited to study sessions.”


    Karatecat “there’s quite a bit more and most is kept fairly secret from parents and kids…….But there are some disturbing things concerning racial supremity, disabilities, views of the soul… BTW I have trained as a Steiner teacher so have gone through much of the material and it was a huge shock to me.”

    “Humans have descended from beings who lived on the sun, who came to earth and lived in Atlantis. From these beliefs stemmed steiner schools and anthroposophic medicine, which is used in schools by the ‘anthro doc’ and studied by teachers.

    In anthro medicine, good health comes about when the three nonphysical bodies are aligned and bad health comes about as a result of bad karmic residue. Disabilities are caused by ‘sins’ committed in previous lives. Cancer is caused by disturbances in the ‘higher organising forces’ and to be treated with misletoe.

    Steiner schools exist to guide the souls of children towards a time when these supernatural beings will be made manifest and incarnate in the 20th century.
    With right training, children can go on to develop supernatural powers such as clairvoyancy or being able to talk to the spirit world.

    Children learn eurythymy, which is like dance, it is intended to teach the proper stances to manifest spiritual states of being, calling upon influences from our past lives and preparing the basis for our future lives.

    There is a real belief is angels, archangels and other beings such as spirits, goblins etc… and these are often referred to as fact in schools.

    There is a real disdain for science, facts and ‘materialistic’ (critical) thinking. Steiner believed that asking for proof and reason is a sad symptom of the materialistic world.

    Teachers are trained to direct kids’ attention away from the “apparent world” to the many concealed “levels of truth” in order to empower the human soul.

    There are the racist teachings which state that the different races stand at different levels of moral development. We pass through each race in our reincarnations, black being primitive, child like and at the bottom of the pile. When we reach white we have achieved the pinacle of human and moral development. If you’re bad, you’ll be reincarnated as an asian or black.

    I could go on and on, but I think that’s enough for now. The thing is, steiner schools are not allowed to teach this stuff, but it underpins everything they do. Teachers are advised to tell parents as little as possible apart from the ‘nice’ stuff, such as creativity etc… but there’s a lot lot more that is going on.”

    • Helen

      Thanks for that very interesting link, and yes, useful to hear the views of two disenchanted former Steiner trainees.
      The theme throughout this and other critical discussions is the way anthroposophy is kept secret, even from those involved, until as late as possible. Very few people would get involved at all, I am sure, if the facts about Steiner were generally known.

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