1. Annunziata

    I also have concerns about the steering committee for the ‘shaping the heart of Stroud’ plans. The architect David Austin has worked on several projects for the Novalis Trust which is I believe the property development arm of Steiner in this area. He was for example employed to convert the Halfway Inn and it’s adjoining properties at Box ( the owners of the neighbouring Mulberry cottage told me they were made an offer that they ‘couldn’t refuse’) in a highly controversial purchase where local publicans eg Nick Beardsley was hopelessly outbid. The takeover of this famous stopping point caused much upset with Box residents who have had to fight to regain access through Box woods in recent months after it was cordoned off with razor wire by the Steiner community who run the Cotswold Chine school. But I’m sure you are aware of this. I just remember some protocol was breached by David Austin when a consultation with Box residents was held, to discuss the future of the Halfway Inn. I think he may have been accused of bullying for pressing the plans forward too emphatically. Evidently the Hammonds farm project is also a Steiner led project? I would be interested to know the background and sympathies, vested interests etc of the members of the steering committee for the Stroud town council’s Neighbourhood Development Plan. Sorry to have missed the meeting but will visit the pop up shop at the weekend (19-24 October 2015). All the best, Annunziata

Any thoughts?

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