In the shadow of the Goetheanum

The Goetheanum in Switzerland is the headquarters, the “world centre” for the Steiner movement. The home of Spiritual science and the Anthroposophical society.



Everyone that takes part in Steiner activities is either directly or indirectly linked to the Goetheanum.

This includes Biodynamics, which seems to have become almost mainstream now in Stroud. Maybe it’s too late to ask people to consider whether it is acceptable to support the Steiner movement by taking part in it.
The usual answer is that it’s just harmless and who cares if it’s based on voodoo?
Biodynamics, often through camphill communities and Ruskin Mill where vulnerable and young people are initiated, or through Stroud community Agriculture – draws people in to Steiner as a way of life. They hear the buzz words – sustainable, intuitive, holistic, inclusive, therapeutic, and gradually bizarre behaviour such as burying cow horns stuffed with manure becomes normal.

Early research on biodynamics was done at the Goetheanum, and the concentration camp at Dachau had its own biodynamic farm.

No-one informs people at the start that they are entering a twilight world where reincarnation and karma are taken for granted.
Once you are in a group where everyone joins in and no-one questions why they are doing biodynamics instead of say, organic growing, it becomes harder to look into it closely and find out what Steiner’s beliefs system really is –  why the cosmic forces in biodynamics are so important.

Perhaps people think to themselves “Okay, I don’t share those beliefs myself, but everyone is entitled to believe what they want, and I don’t mind going along with it as it’s quite fun and good to get outside.”

Or in the case of some friends of mine, they just want a box of veg each week.

Would that apply whatever was the belief system involved? If it were an extreme political party or an organisation that supported bloodsports – would that be acceptable?

I would guess not for most people, so why the reluctance to delve into anthroposophy and find out what it is really about?

Financially the Steiner movement is sufficiently well supported to continually buy more land. This is currently underway in Stroud where more land is being “stewarded” at Hawkwood.

The global nature of the Steiner movement and its involvement in many different spheres of life ensures there is always money for new projects.

And yet those who join in for the fun of it do not see themselves as disciples of the Steiner movement, where small-headed children are considered in need of spiritual help by being grounded with weights attached to their ankles and the parents told they are tormented souls; where autism is regarded as a karmic punishment.

The bad news is; this is one big organisation where children and families are made to suffer. Supporting it in any way is wrong.


Any thoughts?

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