Large-headed and small-headed children


As there is discussion going on in Stroud about why it is wrong to support biodynamics if you do not support anthroposophy (Steiner) in general, this is a good time to reblog this article from last year.
The comments below the original post highlight the dangers of becoming involved with the Steiner system if you do not understand why Steiner people do what they do. Biodynamics in Stroud is promoted and run by people from anthroposophic families who involve themselves with all aspects of Steiner including education, and the harm being done to unsuspecting families can be catastrophic.

Stop Steiner in Stroud

Michaela Glӧckler MD is an anthroposophical doctor and head of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland (Steiner international headquarters). She has been sharing pseudoscience sorry, revelation, all over the world with her activities for the Anthroposophical Medical Movement;

  • Establishing an International Network of Anthroposophic Medicine world-wide.
  • Founder of Numerous Training Facilities.
  • Prolific Publication Activities.

We have speculated here before about how apparently intelligent people with medical degrees can become entangled in anthroposophy and spout complete nonsense about, among other things, medicine.

Michaela wrote an article called Constitutional types in school age children, in which she expounds on how and why Steiner’s ideas should be implemented in Steiner schools.

She begins with “The large-headed and the small-headed child.”

She says children need to be categorised according to their temperament, and refers to a Rudolf Steiner lecture from 1923 entitled “Menschenerkenntnis und Unterrichtsgestaltung”2 (Knowledge of Man and the Form of the Lesson).

“…he describes children…

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