Quote from a Steiner parent last year

“According to this particular school, our 6 year old child, had no skin, his astral being kept him awake at night and he was a tormented soul. They told us only to feed him root vegetables for breakfast, but not potatoes? He also endured months of curative eurythmy that involved weights being strapped around his ankles (again, this was without our knowledge or consent), to ground him, because he did not know himself! Obviously as soon as our son told us this we stopped him from attending such sessions. He was made to feel different and was made an example of. The school didn’t feel that they needed to ask our permission to do such things…”



Now, does anyone still feel that Steiner education is a good idea, or want to be associated with a group of people who think this is acceptable?



  1. Jessica

    I’d like to say this is unbelievable but sadly I DO believe it. Knowing all the things I do know about this school.

  2. Vic

    Thank goodness your child was able to tell you what was happening. Unfortunately for some non- verbal children, or children with other special needs this is very difficult. If you feel their is a veil of secrecy regarding what is going on in some Steiner schools then perhaps you should be asking whether your child should be removed, as was the experiece above. Just out of interest why are the ofsted reports of some schools not being displayed on their web site or even on the ofsted website? I know for a fact that one school had an inspection in 2015 and was reduced from ‘good’ to ‘acceptable’, yet low and behold, on the website it still says the school is ‘good’ and the last report is dated 2012. Parents have the right to know this before placing their children there or deciding that they should stay there. What on earth is going on?

    • Helen

      Thanks Vic, I quite agree, parents need to know about reports – that’s the point.
      I don’t know if schools are obliged by law to put the judgement of the latest report on their website, or how long they are allowed to take to do this. I have heard of some restaurants getting away with displaying old hygiene ratings. It’s worse than useless to have an out of date rating on display.

      Yes, a child (or an adult) without good communication skills is much more vulnerable. It is noticeable that these are the people targeted by the Steiner movement; add in those suffering from medical conditions, as is the case of many people being offered anthroposophical therapies and medicine, and a bigger picture emerges.

    • Helen

      …also, Steiner schools are notoriously bad at keeping their websites up to date; I know they think computers are “Ahrimanic”, but even so…a school was rated poorly in an ofsted report last year for not giving parents sufficient information on its website, so I don’t know how they get away with it.
      For example, I have been waiting for many months now to see the updated list of teachers on the Bristol Steiner Academy website; this is of particular interest because many Steiner staff are not qualified teachers, just Steiner people with “experience” or a certificate form a seminar. Bristol have added some teachers to their list, with class 1 and class 6 teachers qualifications displayed. The class 1 teacher does appear to be qualified, but the class 6 teacher does not.
      And what about the class 2, 3, 4, and 5 teachers?
      And what happened to Philip Wright the anthroposophist who was class 6 teacher last year?

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