Hammonds Farm – Response to @Stroudnews and Journal Letter


Here is a reply from a District Councillor that was published in the Stroud News and Journal this week, following my letter the week before
I have commented on Chas Townley’s blog in reply; my comment is in moderation at the moment.

Chas Townley

Letter to the Stroud News and Journal in response to letter about Hammonds Farm purchase by Biodynamic Land Trust.
I’m sorry H Saunders feels so upset by the successful purchase of part of Hammonds Farm by the Biodynamic Land Trust.

Like many local people I supported the proposed purchase because it offers the opportunity to maintain an area of land on the edge of Stroud as agricultural land. I accept my £500 contribution was paltry but there is a long record of mutual organisations turning small deposits from many people into significant capital sums as happened in this case.

My personal view is that (even with my well known scepticism about Steinerism)  it offered a real opportunity to ensure that this piece of land did not fall into the hands of speculative builders who would have spent a very long time seeking to change planning policy so that the site…

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One comment

  1. Helen

    For the record here’s my comment (unpublished) on Chas Townley’s blog.

    Hi Chas
    I only just found your blog as I was searching for an e mail address to contact you. At least I can reply here, even if the SNJ won’t let me tell people what is really involved in biodynamics.
    Apparently telling people that bladders and cow horns are used “makes them sound like maniacs..”. They edited out that part of my letter.
    Since you have now publicly announced your considerable financial support for the Biodynamic Land Trust, I do not imagine you will back down and change your mind, but perhaps you may not know much about BD as part of anthroposophy ( the gory details are often not publicised, indeed they are hidden from those who should be told) and it may interest you to find out.
    You give your reasons for supporting the BDLT, and I agree that on the face of it there are reasons to support it. I think it is good to support local businesses too, and do so in many ways. Also keeping the land in agricultural use would be good, as opposed to building on it.
    But why biodynamics ? It is actually pretty nasty in my opinion.
    Burying skulls and measured lengths of intestines and hanging up bladders is not just harmless fun and has no scientific benefit.
    People do it because they think Rudolf Steiner was a genius. His clairvoyant visions led him to proclaim “wisdom” on many subjects, and farming was just one of them.
    Unfortunately the people who swear by BD (and I understand there was a battle royal when Stroud Community Agriculture was started, to make sure it WAS Biodynamic not just organic) also go along with Steiner’s views on reincarnation and, karma.
    Ask them. They will not say Steiner was wrong about any of it.
    There are over 40 Steiner businesses here in the Stroud area with more sprouting up all the time. A few more acres of BD land may seem harmless but it is all part of huge empire building locally and internationally.
    The empire continues to grow because many supporting it are not aware of the details. Anthroposphy as an esoteric belief system is doing harm to innocent people who get involved, as many have testified on my blog.
    I will be interested to know your thoughts on the wider implications of supporting biodynamics.
    And by the way, where has the rest of the £350,000 come from, do you know?

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