Anthro obfuscation in the Stroud News

Anthroposophical publisher and founder of the Biodynamic Land Trust Martin Large defended Rudolf Steiner’s farming method in the local paper this week by complaining that there is “no evidence” for saying it is nonsense. He makes out it is just another version of organics – it seems he would like to keep everyone in the dark about the distinctly gory rituals involved in the Steiner method of “improving the soil”.

What is the difference between biodynamic and organic growing? Only the rituals and the “cosmic forces” Steiner was so keen on. For example, it is very important that you “…obtain your burned mouse-skin at the time when Venus is in Scorpio” according to Biodynamic research .net.

There is absolutely no evidence that burying skulls you have pereviously scraped the flesh from, cow horns stuffed with manure, and animal intestines does anything at all to improve the soil. Steiner followers are obsessed with following his doctrine, and if Steiner instructions say to hang up bladders, that is what they do.

Mr Large states that biodynamics is respected.  Only by Steiner people.

He says that Demeter is the only worldwide organic standard, but in fact it exists only to promote biodynamics.

He praises Stroud people for being “outward looking and forward thinking”. That may well be so, but sadly Steiner followers are backward looking and focused on the revered “truths” revealed by their mystic guru.

He asks for more money, on top of what has already been donated by people who have no idea what biodynamics really is – including Stroud Town Council.

Anthroposophist arguments for biodynamics are full of half-truths and are the result of living in a fantasy world where demons and archangels must be consulted at every turn. According to Steiner followers we live in the “Age of Michael” where intellectualism and philosophical “materialism” have become too powerful and must be stamped on. We must return to the land, reject modern technology and prepare for the end of civilisation as we know it. Biodynamics is all part of this retreat from modernity. Superstition and pre-industrial living standards seem to be the goal of Steiner followers.

Is that what people really want?


Any thoughts?

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