Here is a post from last December about how Steiner groups celebrate the “christian festivals” and how this can result in exclusion for people of different faiths.
It’s not just the schools, colleges and kindergartens – even the biodynamic people do the Three Kings celebration, by spreading gold on the fields. It’s true.

See also “Advent spiral” and the anthroposophical christmas tree” and the “advent fair

Stop Steiner in Stroud

In an article entitled Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education: Do the Festivals Have a Future? for a website offering a “digital media resource”, Eugene Schwartz, a prominent anthroposophist, discusses how Steiner schools attempt to make themselves attractive to all, given that

“it is impossible to work with the Waldorf method without understanding its anthroposophical basis”.

He laments what he sees as the “dilution” of the basic principles of Steiner education, chief among these being the festivals.

Roger Rawlings has explained how these festivals,  Michaelmas and advent etc are celebrated because they are anthoposophical, not because they are “seasonal” as the schools would have us believe. Steiner schools advertise themselves as “non-denominational” – this can mean different things to different people, but signifies an adherence to no particular creed.

Along with other Steiner schools, the Stroud Steiner free school group claim they are “remaining neutral and inclusive on all matters of religion and spirituality”.

Parents are deceived into thinking their…

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