US Waldorf school ordered to pay $58,000 for discrimination

A Steiner school in New Jersey was accused of unlawfully expelling a special needs student “due to the student mother’s advocacy”, according to a report in the local media “Princeton Patch“.

Steve Paris alerted me to this story, and has written about it in detail on Steinermentary. He writes about how this method of blaming parents for failures in Steiner schools is not new, and that such instances have been reported around the world. In these cases Steiner school management does not seem capable of reasonable dialogue and an acceptable way forward, but instead expels children and blames the parents.

In the Princeton case the matter went to a criminal rights court and was decided in favour of the family. As Steve points out in his post, it is time-consuming and stressful for a family to gain vindication so “it’s hardly surprising that most accounts of similar occurrences worldwide are merely anecdotes.”

There are plenty of anecdotes, but sadly many parents either ignore them or are not aware, and plunge into Steiner education unprepared for the ruthlessness with which a seemingly “loving” and peaceful group of people will behave towards anyone who crosses them.

Parents; don’t ignore Steiner criticism. Read it and do some research before you immerse your family in a world where all is not as it seems.





  1. Steve

    Thanks Helen. Credit where credit’s due though: Angel and I write these articles together :)

    The problem with anecdotes is that they’re just too easy to ignore. Even journalists won’t touch a story if they can’t name a school and/or the people concerned.

    Also, staff members are unbelievably adept at diffusing a potential story. We know of a parent who was trespassed off a Steiner school because she was trying to keep her kids safe from unchecked bullying (but their children were allowed to remain – imagine that)

    We talked to a journalist who was convinced to drop the story because the school told them (without giving them any evidence whatsoever) that the parent had mental health issues.

    Claiming someone is mentally ill is the 21st century’s “she’s a witch!” meme and it’s obviously incredibly effective.

    Is it any wonder that article after article keep appearing in the mainstream media about how wonderful this pedagogy is?

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