Keep Your Karma to Yourself (AKA, Disabled People Are Not Just Consequences).


An interesting post about how families are affected when karma is used as an explanation for disability.
In anthroposophy, autism has a cause and a purpose

Autism & Oughtisms

Sometimes, I write posts that express a new idea I’m still processing and so it may come off a bit roughspun. This is one of those posts. Go gently on me!

We toss around the notion of karma like a harmless play-thing, we use it to suggest that people get what they deserve; that both horrible and good things are deserved in some sense. We warn against actions because of the karmic retribution that may come from them, and we tell the people we love that they’re surely “due” some good tidings after they’ve suffered some undeserved misfortune, because of how good they truly are.

From Flickr, by galo/*

And when a child has autism, we look for what must have caused this “misfortune,” what the mother or father must have done to call this down on themselves, they must have abused the child or injected it with toxins. We…

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  1. David Clark

    I like the “roundabout” sign. It seems so apt, yet leaves me free to reflect on my experiences and connect.

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