Steiner Teacher Suspended

The Waldorf Review facebook page links to a brief report in the Watford Observer, where a teacher at Kings Langley Steiner School has been suspended.

Either this is the second teacher to be suspended recently, or it is the second time this teacher has been suspended;

Rudolf Steiner School in Langley Hill, Kings Langley, previously investigated a teacher before the February half term for ‘inappropriate behaviour’.

After the investigation the school allowed a teacher to return back to work.

Either way, this is a big problem, as one commenter has pointed out.

It is not unknown for teachers with such records to be re-employed within the Steiner ‘family’, as The Waldorf Review has reported in the past.



  1. humanisthousewife

    The place I worked at once employed a lady as a house parent in one of the residential houses who had been sacked from 5 previous care jobs for verbally abusing the clients. She was employed because she was Steiner and because “everyone deserves a second chance”. Not when they have a history of verbal abuse against vulnerable clients they don’t! In the end she got sacked because I told the boss either she left or I would because I witnessed her being verbally abusive (telling clients they were thick and stupid, making fun of them to mention just a few things). As I was working in 3 parts of the organization at that time they kept me and got rid of her. I wish I had reported her and them to social services but at the time I was too scared I would lose my job, which I know is selfish and something I regret to this day. There was also an incident where a eurthymy teacher hit a client and nothing was done. So it’s not just schools this happens in

    • Helen

      Thanks for the comment. It is awful to hear about such incidents in any kind of school or care environment, especially when an employee has a history of abusive behaviour – it is the responsibility of any employer to make the safety of those in their care a priority, and clearly that is not the case when someone is given a second (or third, or fourth…) chance where vulnerable people are at risk..
      It’s no good saying ‘one bad apple’ if that apple has been taken out of the barrel and then put back in.
      Steiner sets itself apart form the mainstream and claims superiority and yet for all their proclaimed enhanced knowledge of ‘higher worlds’ and lofty assertions that their methods are better they cannot detach themselves form this kind of failure, in fact they seem particularly vulnerable to it. Far from superior, Steiner disciples are so focused on their own spiritual development that they lose sight of the needs of the people in their care. This has been highlighted time and again in inspection reports.
      The failures at St christophers are a good example. The inspectors didn’t understand how an apparently well-constructed management system with qualified people at the top had so badly failed to effectively manage the school.
      Steiner credentials are often the main requirement for staff, rather than skill and devotion to duty.
      Anthroposophy is the problem,and it is a well-concealed and dangerous feature of Steiner businesses.

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