(St Christophers)No longer Steiner

I have had a reply from Stephen Bradshaw of the Aurora Group who took ownership of St Christophers School near Bristol early this month.

He found this blog all by himself, and recommended that I read his book, to find out his views on the Steiner explanation for the cause and purpose of Autism, and his “philosophy of education or pedagogic style”. Maybe I will read it one day.

He did however, assure me that he “would not run a Steiner school” and that

 “We are not a Steiner organization and will not be continuing St Christopher’s as a ‘Steiner school’. We have informed the parents, staff and Local Authorities of this decision.”

Delighted to hear it.

But why does the school website still look the same, giving the appearance that nothing has changed? The announcement of the takeover is there on the front page, but the references to Steiner directly below it have not been removed.

Mr Bradshaw has a team of 8 skilled professionals working for him in a large and  gleaming office according to the Aurora site, and just one of these could have removed the offending statements and constructed a serviceable site for the time being in under a day, I would have thought.

Guess I am too impatient, but given the desperately poor reputation the school has had in recent months, it is curious.

Anyway, a new broom has indeed swept in, according to my information, so another Steiner organisation has bitten the dust, which is positive news for families and the public at large.



Any thoughts?

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