Autism, sacrifice, and the application of anthroposophy

There is clearly still a need for information about Steiner matters among parents. So this blog is serving a purpose for those who are curious about the methods they see being used in schools, colleges, kindergartens etc.

I notice the link has changed for an interview with a Steiner MD where he talks about those on the autistic spectrum as “individuals who serve as sacrificial mirrors to serve our time … because they have not “incarnated properly”.

The article is still available here and I have also changed the link on the original more detailed post I wrote on this subject back in 2013.

In that post, entitled The Purpose of Autism (for through the Steiner lens it certainly does have a purpose) there is also a link to a lecture Rudolf Steiner gave on November 14th 1911 in Berlin about his version of evolution, where he goes on about sacrifice, gospels, Lucifer and Ahriman and Thrones and Cherubim.

“So what?” say some parents, impressed by a classroom with wooden furniture and toys, colourful felt furnishings and luzure walls, and satisfied with half truths and evasion from teachers answering their questions. “How is a Steiner lecture from 1911 relevant to my child today?”

The answer is in the Lilipoh interview I refer to at the beginning; the people who make a living through Steiner schools, kindergartens, therapy sessions and even anthroposphical medicine are really impressed by what Steiner actually said. They really believe he was clairvoyant, a great “seer” and had amazing “Insight” into what was best for children. Just ask your kindy teacher whether they think Steiner was clairvoyant. Ask which bits of anthroposophy they disagree with.  Ask about the “temperaments” they use to categorise children. Ask about his version of evolution.

This explains why the lectures have been carefully translated and preserved, and why Steiner’s books are still read by Steiner teachers and used on their training courses. They are holy texts of anthroposophy. I defy anyone to read the archive or a book and not be impressed by the sheer quantity of the nonsense therein.

If you have a child who fits in at Steiner, is not on the autistic spectrum and is not vulnerable in some other way, perhaps you think it is worth the risk of putting her well being in the hands of a group of people who believe this stuff and act on it accordingly?

Plenty of parents have fallen into the Steiner trap and regret their decision. Check out the Steiner critical websites I have listed on the blogroll. Steinermentary is a good resource for information about problems worldwide.




Any thoughts?

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