Former Stroud teacher attempts to rescue Kings Langley

Ex Marling teacher Tim Byford writes on his Linked in profile

I established Tim Byford Ltd last year as a vehicle to support schools and other organisations. Please contact my company via LinkedIn if you have interesting and challenging work for me.

Well he certainly has a challenge now, as reported in the telegraph. He is the new principal at Rudolf Steiner school Kings Langley, which is facing closure after very bad Ofsted reports. A Kings Langley Steiner school teacher of 35 years standing was dismissed in January for gross misconduct. I suppose Tim knows all about Steiner, as he says on his facebook page he is from Forest Row (another well-known Steiner hotspot).

In his profile he says his last two posts were at The Grange School and Bath Community College, both of which were to close. Grange school appears to have closed, but a Tim Byford is still listed as Interim Principal at the Bath College.

Tim Byford was previously Director of Downfield 6th form and Marling 6th form.

There is a demand for Heads who are willing  to take over failing Academies – there are quite a few such schools –  and in one way it is admirable that there are people willing to take on this task. In some areas the schools are needed, and with proper leadership and additional support a way can be found to put such schools on the right track.

In the case of a Steiner school however this is not, and should not, be the case. The anthroposophical system is too rotten. Dishonest, dangerous and under the control of people deeply involved in a what can only be described as a cult, these schools are failing for a reason; anthroposophy. Harm is being done to children, and the reasons are now becoming known to everyone.

What was previously a well-disguised cult, not understood by many, even to many of those drawn in, is now becoming recognised as outdated harmful nonsense that parents should steer well clear of.

I may be wrong* about Tim Byford’s Steiner background; I was surprised to see his name associated with such a school, but a Steiner education would explain his acceptance of the role at Kings Langley. Otherwise surely he would not have taken on this particular challenge. He can always contact me and ask me to take down this post if I am wrong. It’s been done before, but the commenter declined to specify which bit I had got wrong, and the post remains.

*Tim went to Michael Hall school. I was not wrong.









  1. Helen

    “Leaders have underplayed and misrepresented the school’s safeguarding failings to parents. On more than one occasion, they have publicly stated that the failure is simply one of ‘record keeping’. They have also stated that ‘no transgressions or wrongdoings were found to have taken place’ and have implied that former parents who expressed concerns have misrepresented the position. These messages are not supported by the inspection evidence. “

  2. Helen

    “Leaders have failed to ensure that information relating to child protection is retained in line with the rules on retention of data promulgated by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. They have failed to take proper steps to save the email accounts of former staff, including those of one former leader for safeguarding.”

Any thoughts?

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