“Waldorf around me”

Tim Byford, the new Principal, features in a video on the Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley website alongside Peter Harrington, chair of council of trustees. The speeches were apparently made at a meeting of the whole school on September 4th.

In his speech Tim Byford says he has been a teacher at “almost every type of school”, but doesn’t say Steiner schools.

He says he is not a Waldorf teacher, but that he has “Waldorf around me – if you like”. He emphasises he has mostly taught in state education and how important that is.

Why doesn’t he say that he went to a Steiner school? It is as though this private Steiner school want to make out they have brought in an entirely innocent ordinary person from outside, who is sympathetic to Steiner education.

Well, innocent he is not. Tim Byford went to a fee-paying Steiner school in Forest Row – Michael Hall school.

He knows about anthroposophy but he is making out he doesn’t. Who is he trying to convince?

The speeches, or at least the edited highlights, appear to be aimed at the wider public and the authorities, not those present at the meeting.

Peter Harrington says the school must acknowledge past mistakes, “draw a line” under the past and “move forward”. He says there must be clear boundaries at the school.  This after years of denying the problems, blaming parents, failing to deal with complaints, and attempting to carry on as usual.

The DfE want to close this school because they have realised it is unsafe for children. The people who want to save it are Steiner people, and yet again they are not being honest about themselves and their motives.

The problem with the Steiner system remains the same; a lack of openness and a dangerous determination to preserve their “communities” using innocent victims lured in to a world of anthroposophy by deceit.


Any thoughts?

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