Measles at Wynstones school Stroud

Gloucestershire live reported yesterday that there has been an outbreak of measles at Wynstones Steiner school, and one case at another school.

This does not come as a great surprise, when you take into account the Steiner attitude to vaccination, where it is seen as interfering with the spiritual development of the individual.

I wrote in detail about this in a post entitled “Laying one’s karmic founda­tion in one incarnation for the next” in 2014. The Journal of infectious Diseases lists anthroposophical schools  under “affected groups and settings for transmission”.

According to Steiner doctrine,

… pre­vention of an illness may be beneficial in the course of one incarnation but may not be for the entire soul life and development of the person…”

It is quite sad to read the Glos Live article where health professionals seem unaware of the link between anthroposophy and anti-vaccination. If they had known they could have taken the opportunity to inform the public that there is a specific risk of disease outbreaks in Steiner communities where many children are unvaccinated. Parents in these schools prefer to take their chances with the significant risks of such diseases rather than follow the advice of medical professionals.

Clearly they think their guru from a century ago, Rudolf Steiner, knew better because of his communication with the spirit world.  A hundred years of scientific progress means nothing to them and they are prepared to risk not only the health of their children, but that of other vulnerable members of society with low immunity, for example babies too young to be vaccinated.

The secrecy about Steiner beliefs continues to be a danger to us all.




Any thoughts?

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