Even more cases of the measles

Gloucestershire Live has reported “even more cases” of the measles in the county. The outbreak remains centred on the fee-paying Wynstones Steiner school.

Apparently vaccinations are on offer, but we are not told how many families are taking up the offer (my emphases);

Nurses spent the day at Wynstones School in Brookethorpe on Friday where up to six children have the highly contagious disease. They offered vaccinations to parents and children.
“We had a successful day on Friday with four nurses in the school.
“They looked after the children very well who came forward for vaccination… 

And here’s the rider

…Faye Sieracki, school business manager at Wynstones, [added] that the school respected the wishes of those parents who chose not to vaccinate their children.

If you ask any of the parents at Steiner schools why they don’t vaccinate their children, most will not say that it is because of a belief in karma and reincarnation. They may say they believe vaccination is a conspiracy on the part of  ‘big pharma’, or that vaccines themselves cause damage, or that childhood illness should be part of life(!) or that the risk of the potentially devastating consequences of contracting the disease is a risk they are willing to take.

It is their choice. In this country parents are entitled to opt their children out of immunisation, whereas in the States a child must be immunised to be admitted to public schools. Steiner schools provide a breeding ground not only for viruses but for irrational fears and prejudice against medical science. Whatever reason parents give, the outcome for anthroposophical purposes is the same; the child remains susceptible to disease.

The parents may or may not be aware of the reasons why influential anthroposophist teachers at the schools are anti-vaxers but they will be aware of a culture in the ‘school community’ where this view prevails.  Anthoposophical doctors visit the schools and make sure Rudolf Steiner’s ideas about spiritual development, karma and so on, are being properly implemented among the unfortunate children in their care. Teachers are trained in anthroposophy and how best to use it in school.

As The Quackometer reminds us , schools have a duty to “make available a range of balanced information” and so

Crucially then, we need to understand what anthroposophical information might be on vaccination and how much of this is given to parents.

Steiner schools are notorious around the world for outbreaks of infectious diseases.

The local health authority are putting resources into making sure this outbreak is contained as far as possible, but meanwhile we are all at the mercy of those who covertly adhere to the pronouncements of the ‘clairvoyant’ Rudolf Steiner back in the day.

Victoria Temple who wrote both the measles reports on Gloucestershire Live knows about anthroposophy (I told her some time ago) but does not mention it. And yet this is valuable information that should be made easily available to the public.  My letter to the Stroud News and Journal outlining why Steiner schools are “unvaccinated communities” has so far not been published. How long before this ridiculous charade – anthroposophy – is called out by those who have the power to act but refuse to use it?





  1. Dan Dugan

    In the USA the regulations for school vaccinations vary from state to state. California recently stopped allowing religious or conscience exemptions, and now requires a doctor’s letter. Doctors willing to provide same are popular with Waldorf parents.

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