Shopping from a cult “made fair”

An email has been sent to members of the Stroudco Foodhub; the strapline is “Shopping made fair”.

Oliver Müller , (who I have personally briefly met, but not to discuss Steiner matters) has sent this out to explain what happened when he responded to a post I wrote on their facebook page, where I pointed out that it was ironic that a group who care so deeply about where their food comes from should be so ignorant, or unconcerned about what Bidoynamics is.

Most customers at Foodhub who buy the BD products do not know about the gruesome rituals and bizarre methods used by the anthroposophists to whom BD is so important, or that they are supporting people who are part of a group that harms children and vulnerable adults.

I have repeatedly asked for BD to be demonstrated in Stroud but no deal was possible with Bernard Jarman and his fellow skull-scrapers. It is just not going to happen unless I do it myself.

Anyway Oliver has done me a favour by sharing my concerns with his members and I agree that they should know about this matter.

They may come to the conclusion that it is not something they need to concern themselves with, but they would be wrong. They are indeed supporting a cult. I don’t remember calling it an evil cult but to the victims of Steiner practices it must seem that way.

I did not send my kids to a Steiner school by the way, nor did I attend one myself. I simply want to provide information about anthroposophy to as many people as possible; once they know how bad it is they can decide for themselves whether it is something they want to get involved with.

Forewarned is forearmed.

The commenters on the Stop Steiner facebook page expressed views about Steiner people, I think, rather than Foodco customers. BD is indeed ‘homeopathic gardening’ as explained here. I know nothing at all about the Foodhub relationship with the school they used to operate from, but I guess that commenter had her reasons for saying those things.

I notice that in comments on this blog Oliver said at first that he didn’t want to hide behind the anonymity of Foodhub, but later said he would prefer his name not to be in the post. He was the one who made this personal, not me, and I am afraid his initial response has rather backfired.

I am serious when I say I don’t want to upset people, I really don’t. I just want people to be informed about Steiner practices so they can make informed decisions. I ask people to act responsibly in their buying choices, and not to support  a cult masquerading as an eco-friendly community group.



  1. Helen

    Oliver I was going to put the content of your message in this post but I see you say it is copyright for some reason.
    You say
    “…but I cannot believe that anything to do with Steiner is evil when my personal experience with Steiner-connected people has always been positive.”
    This is tunnel vision. You are refusing to look at the bigger picture. Aside from the fact that I don’t remember using the word evil (I may be wrong and I may have used it on a particularly bad day perhaps you can direct me to the place) just because they seem nice and don’t abuse your children you don’t want to acknowledge anthroposphy or its effects. I think that is selfish and stubborn.
    You don’t want to know about the problems because it would affect your grocery shopping and your Saturday routine.

    I wouldn’t buy veg or anything else from terrorist groups who masquerade as community organisations. (There are some) I think we should be smart about where we spend our money.

  2. Oliver

    “Anyway Oliver has done me a favour by sharing my concerns with his members and I agree that they should know about this matter.”
    Any time. I’m all for people being fully informed and making up their own minds.

    But really, Helen, you could have reflected on your response rather than firing off another aggressive blog post within a few hours. As I said in the email to our members, I kept changing it. I kept questioning my motives. I kept taking out things which would aggravate things. Like pointing out your dishonest headline. Or that you tolerate abusive language on your Facebook page as long as it’s directed at those whom you see as the enemy. I wanted our members to be aware without this turning into some tit for tat retaliation. Even you can’t claim I used it to go on the attack.

    And why are you still so upset about this “making it personal”? What was there actually in my first response to you that was so revealing? I said much less than you voluntarily added later! Can you really not believe that my intentions weren’t what you thought? If you can’t, then fine. But it’s rather difficult to engage with someone who constantly expects the worst of you, interprets everything you say in the worst possible way and generally sees you as someone to be mistrusted and to be attacked simply because they don’t agree with you.

    By all means keep my name under a misleading headline and in a misleading first sentence if it means so much to you.

    • Helen

      “Any time. I’m all for people being fully informed and making up their own minds”
      Oliver, if this is really the case, why not ask your anthro friends when you see them tomorrow morning, about putting on a demonstration of the BD preparations – the ones with the skulls, bladders and entrails – it would really inform your customers and help them make up their own minds, as you say you want to do.
      It would generate a lot of publicity for Stroudco and SCA – you could get the local press along.
      I would want to see the process from the start – scraping the skin off the skulls and so on. I wouldn’t mind betting it has never been done in public before. Perhaps it’s one of those things people prefer to do in private, but since they are charging a premium for the BD label a demonstration is in order.
      Nick Weir said in his Stroud Life column a few months ago that BD is “better than organic” so why not show us why?

  3. Helen

    Which bit is aggressive?
    I have been writing about this issue for years so I don’t need to reflect.
    I suppose I could remove the comment with the swear word from facebook, perhaps I should. I kind of don’t view it the same way as my blog which I have more control over. I don’t tolerate swear words from any commenters here, whether they support me or not.
    I am not upset by you making it personal – believe me, it has been far worse than your use of my name, but I did feel you were using my name to make a point, and that it was unwarranted.
    Why did you say you didn’t want anonymity and then complain about me writing the post?
    Do you care about who is producing your food and that their belief system is dangerous or not? If you do care, then say so. If you care but not enough to stop selling their produce then say that too.
    You say you cannot believe anything bad about Steiner so I guess the answer is that you really don’t care.
    But you still want to make out you are the victim here and not the families who have been duped into entrusting their loved ones to anthroposophists.
    “Even you can’t claim I used it to go on the attack.”
    I have allowed you to say whatever you like here, and since there is nowhere on your website for me to respond to it I don’t think you can criticise me for writing another post.
    If I can make a few people aware of where their money is going I feel I have achieved something.

  4. Margaret Sachs

    Helen, there was nothing dishonest about your headline as Oliver claims. You used his words. If he cared, he would not be doing business with members of a group that both subscribes to a racist worldview as promoted by Rudolf Steiner and deceives parents about the occult indoctrination their schools engage in. A lot of children in Steiner schools have been harmed in one way or another, mine included. I understand that Oliver’s livelihood is probably dependent upon his business and personal relationship with Anthroposophists. It’s hard to do the right thing in such a situation. Ignoring the message and faulting the messenger is one way some people deal with it. By seeing what they want to see and not seeing what they don’t want to see, they can keep their consciences clear. It’s understandable, but there’s no need for you to adjust your actions or your written words to suit such a person’s agenda, especially when it involves that person’s use of deprecating language.

    • Oliver

      Hello Margaret, no my livelihood isn’t dependent on this, though that probably makes me even more culpable in your eyes. A small part of our offering is biodynamic and that is the extent of my crime. For this, Helen calls us “THE outlet for biodynamic produce from Stroud Community agriculture” [my emphasis] and honours us with headlines such as “shopping from a cult”. Stroudco is about local food and has members from all walks of life and with all sorts of faiths or none. I have tried to find common ground with Helen but it seems I’m either with her or against her. Unless I de-list SCA produce and agree with her (your) view of the world, I’m seen as the enemy.

      • Margaret Sachs

        Hello Oliver, I was under the impression that your business venue was provided by anthroposophists,but perhaps I’m wrong about that. In any case, I have not used the word “crime” to describe what you are doing. As far as I know, there are no laws against selling biodynamic produce. I should also point out that my opinions about Rudolf Steiner, Waldorf schools and anthroposophists do not constitute my “view of the world.” That said, I understand that as a business owner you are probably very busy and don’t have a lot of time to spare for other causes. Nonetheless, because you sound like a good person, I think it would benefit you to be better informed about a movement whose business you are helping to support. Anthroposophy is an occult movement whose foundational belief is that we all reincarnate through different races that reveal our level of spiritual evolution. Guess how you can tell who is the least spiritually evolved. Yep, it’s Africans and anyone else with dark skin. Guess who is the most spiritually evolved. Yep, it’s so called Aryans. And as for those kids who have learning disabilities, according to anthroposophy’s revered guru–the self-proclaimed clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner–some of those children are demons in human form. When it comes to anthroposophy schools, Steiner instructed Waldorf teachers to deceive parents and school inspectors about the anthroposophic nature of the education. The deceit is clever, because unless parents and school inspectors have read a whole lot of Steiner’s books and lectures, they cannot recognize how anthroposophy is woven into almost everything the kids do and learn at Steiner schools. Most anthroposophists deny much of what critics have exposed about their movement, but the truth is all there in Steiner’s own words, and in anthroposophists’ words too in some cases. This is not a harmless cult. Too many children have had damaging experiences at these school. I’m not suggesting you sit down and read volumes of Steiner’s books and lectures. I wouldn’t impose that punishment on anyone. However, you could get a taste of the truth at the following website, which also has links to other sources at the end of the article: If you’ve read this far, thanks for doing so! Best wishes, Margaret

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