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Advent spiral in a Cotswold church

The ‘Cathedral of the Cotswolds’ St Peter and St Paul church in Northleach, is staging an Advent spiral in December, for the second year. I wonder who’s idea this was, and how much those in charge at the church know about the ritual, which is of course an anthroposphical one.

If this church knew much about Rudolf Steiner and his beliefs they would not tolerate such goings-on, that’s for sure.

Critics who attempt to alert unsuspecting individuals and groups to the occult nature of Steiner’s “spiritual science” have written about the way Christmas is celebrated.

Here is what Roger Rawlings has to say on Waldorf watch about Steiner and his “Gnostic heresies”

Steiner gave a revised account of Jesus’s life and teachings; in essence, he claimed to correct the four gospels of the New Testaments. He learned the hidden truths about Christ, he claimed, through the use of clairvoyance: He consulted the Akashic Record, a celestial storehouse of knowledge written on ether or starlight.

He concludes;

Steiner’s claims and the resulting tenets of Anthroposophy are largely irreconcilable with Christian religious doctrine and practice.

I wrote about what Gregoire Perra said in his explanation of anthroposophic rituals and the advent spiral in particular;

The ceremony is … a kind of initiation ceremony which is linked to the dogma of the religion that is anthroposophy.

The ritual is carried out in line with Steiner’s vision of how “nature sinks into the earth in the winter and at night”.
During this time
“… the human soul must be turning in its inner “core”, that is to say in its “inner self “,  to find in it even greater cosmic force that will enable it to renew itself. This force is the “Word of the Universe.” Or the anthroposophical  “Christ” .

The renewal of the cosmic force is to do with the idea of reincarnation, which Steiner was very fond of. His version of karma is where we are punished or rewarded in our next incarnation for what happens in this one.

There are two Christs in anthroposophy, one being “the Christ Jesus”.

Waldorf watch provides us with these quotes on a page about Christmas;

“Christ, the Sun God, who was known by earlier peoples under such names as Ahura Mazda, Hu, or Balder, has now united himself with the earth….” — Anthroposophist Margaret Jonas in the introduction to RUDOLF STEINER SPEAKS TO THE BRITISH (Rudolf Steiner Press, 1998), pp. 4-5


“[N]ot one but two Jesus-children were born … The important thing is to understand clearly what kind of beings these two children were. Occult investigation [i.e., clairvoyance] shows that the individuality [i.e., soul] who was in the Solomon Jesus-child was none other than Zarathustra … Buddha forces permeated the astral body of the Nathan Jesus-child.” — Rudolf Steiner, FROM JESUS TO CHRIST (Rudolf Steiner Press, 2005), pp. 133-136.

Read more for yourself on the Rudolf Steiner Archive where Steiner’s books and lectures have been carefully preserved and translated into English by anthroposophists – you know, the people who run the Steiner schools, colleges, biodynamic farms, art therapy centres, medical therapy clinics…