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Faith Schoolers Anonymous

The British Humanist Association has announced the launch of a new initiative Faith Schoolers Anonymous.

The site, launched on the 16th of  May 2016 provides

…a platform allowing anyone who has a problem at a ‘faith’ school to share their experience.

I couldn’t agree more with this statement;

Wherever a school, for reasons of religion, seeks to limit a child’s education; limit their understanding of the world, or the people with whom they share it; stunt their development or else dictate its course; repress their personality or constrain their individuality; lie to them, isolate them, abuse them, or control them, people ought to know.

According to contributors here and on other Steiner-critical sites, this is exactly what Waldorf Steiner schools do.

There is already a section on Steiner schools with an introduction explaining the use of anthroposophy. The site invites contributions from former or current pupils, parents, carers or  teachers, and from those with information they feel should be shared. It also offers advice on legal rights and on whistleblowing.

In a section on types of school,we are presented with the sobering information that 34% of state schools in England have a ‘religious character’.The difference with Steiner schools is that the religious character is often concealed from unsuspecting parents until it is too late.