These are my views. Anything proven not to be true I will be happy to remove.



  1. puzzled

    I fail to understand your reasons for such an emotive campaign. Surely if you do not agree with it, do not send your children to the school. Do you have any backing for this campaign? Yours, an ex Wynstones Oxford graduate

  2. Helen

    Hi there, “puzzled”. Did you read “my reasons”?
    You will notice I only started the blog after Steiner began asking for public money for their new school. A Free school is everyone’s concern, not just parents.

  3. Interested parent

    I would be interested to know what the basis for this claim is. Thank you.

    “After the school is established, the original enthusiasts become disillusioned and disappear gradually from the scene, leaving the true anthroposophists to run the schools according to their doctrine.”

  4. Helen

    I have met a mother who helped set up a Steiner school and left when it was up and running, on finding that anthroposophy takes priority when decisions are made.
    Despite being part of the founding group she was not included in meetings with visiting SWSF people, as she was cleaning the toilets (that’s what the mothers do, she said).
    Some of the initial core group will not be anthroposophists, and do not realise at the start how the schools have to be run.