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Homeopathy on the NHS

Today the letters page in the SNJ has a very long plea against the proposed ban of homeopathy on the NHS signed by 33 individuals.

It is an impressive line-up of anthroposophists, a shamanic healer, and sundry other alternative health practitioners from the local area.

The anthroposophists, such as Mehta family members, Swann family, Michael Evans, House himself, Graham Kennish (a previous commenter here) and Gabriel Millar do not mention their Steiner affiliations but are mostly listed as “concerned citizens” or teachers.

Richard House does however use the word allopathic to describe bona fide medicine, which is a giveaway to anyone who knows about how anthroposophic medicine is peddled. The Steiner version of medicine used in schools, care homes and so on is anti-vax and based on spiritual imaginings.

Until last year the local Steiner medical centre St Lukes was partially funded by the NHS.

The letter says that it is patients’ right to have unproven therapies paid for by tax-payers.

The main instigator is Richard House who himself wrote to another now defunct local paper last week. He says

Neither economic nor evidential rationales exist… for ending the prescription of these  medicines…

He overlooks the inconvenient fact that no evidence for the efficacy of homeopathy exists. A discussion on this subject usually ends with homeopathy supporters resorting to the placebo effect as a legitimate reason for using it.

This could be an argument for freedom of choice for the individual to spend their own money how they like, but not for availability on the NHS.

“Whatever makes you feel better” is the justification.

Well, having my hair done and playing violin makes me feel better, but I am not asking tax-payers to pay for my hair stylist or my violin lessons as therapy. Should I be able to ask this if I couldn’t afford them?

I am sorry to see David Drew has been prevailed upon to support homeopathy on the NHS along with a few other labour activists. At first I thought it was this other David Drew who is a psychic, he seemed the more likely of the two.

Perhaps all of you would like to pay for my hairdresser appointments? No? Then I will have to carry on working and pay for them myself.