This is a place to find out about the religion Rudolf Steiner invented and how it affects innocent people; it is used in all Steiner businesses in Stroud, the UK, and globally; in schools, colleges, care centres and on biodynamic farms. (See local list here)

The problems with anthroposophy are serious and have been documented in court cases and anecdotally all around the world.

In some cases the impact of using a belief system covertly on unsuspecting families has been disastrous; unchecked bullying in schools, inadequate safeguarding,  contempt for the suffering of families, and insufficient information about what kind of care and education will be provided; these are issues associated with Steiner due to the use of anthroposophy.

Few people have heard of Anthroposophy; I had not until I looked into some Steiner businesses on the internet a few years ago. It is not often mentioned in public by name by Steiner followers themselves; it is not in their interests to do so. They prefer the image of a colourful, vaguely hippyish lifestyle rather than the identity of a religious community with beliefs that are truly astounding.

Steiner’s version of human history includes Lemuria,  Atlantis, and a rather nasty view that evolution through the races ideally results in an aryan race. Anthroposophists have never explained how their belief system holds up without these views on race, and Steiner global headquarters at the Goetheanum in Switzerland does not distance itself from these views.

It is very important to know about this New Age religion if you are a parent considering a Steiner school or college, or looking for a care environment for a vulnerable family member.

Stroud is one of several hotspots in the UK where you are likely to encounter a business run by a group of people who adhere to anthroposophy; but they won’t tell you that. Even in your search for locally produced food, it is likely you will unknowingly support anthroposophy and its projects by buying biodynamic products.

Unlike other religions that are well known as such, Steiner people are reluctant to admit that their belief system, built around Rudolf Steiner’s ideas on reincarnation, is at the heart of all they do and that they insist upon using it on children, vulnerable adults and medical patients.

Since the internet has made it easier for people to share their experiences, more facts about Steiner and anthroposophy have been emerging, and are more easily discovered. (Read the blogroll)

A belief system where “karma” is the basis for how teachers and care providers regard their role has a profound effect on outcomes for families. This would be bad enough if the families were informed about what they are signing up for, but many are not.

If they have ever heard of anthroposophy and are bold enough to enquire about it, they are told it is simply “Inspiration”; a “guide” for staff. Not to worry about it, they say.

Sadly many families have found this is far from the case. Ask yourself too, if Steiner’s ideas are so clever, why are they being denied instead of  trumpeted? Why make out it is incidental when in fact none of these businesses would exist without it?

Researching the subject thoroughly takes time, and Steiner followers have rebuked me for criticising their belief system without sufficient knowledge of the subject. (This after 4 years of reading and 2+ years of writing about it!) They tell me I do not understand the profundity of anthroposophy; I have not done the anthroposophical study and meditation that is part of the elevated world of Spiritual Science.

But what about potential recruits?

Consider a parent attracted to a Steiner school by warm, friendly words and surroundings; nothing is done to inform her about anthroposophy (in fact much is done to prevent it) but they will take her money and take her child on their own imaginary journey towards spiritual enlightenment, and thus to a successful “reincarnation”.

A vulnerable adult with social and medical care needs placed at a Camphill will become part of a religious community with specific beliefs about the cause and the purpose of disabilities and special needs. *Work* is required if this person is to incarnate successfully next time, in the eyes of the anthroposophists. Participation in rituals and anthroposophical festivals is expected. Anthroposophical therapies with no proven benefits are to be paid for and endured. In all likelihood the family will have known nothing about this use of anthroposophy, but as long as payment is made, there’s no problem for the management.

So it’s ok to take people’s money when they are not anthroposophists, but to have an opinion we must be anthroposophists!

Everyone is free to choose a school or a care environment, and of course may follow whatever religion they choose. But this should be informed choice, and to involve innocent people without fully informing them is plainly wrong.

We all know what we will get by signing up to a Church of England, Catholic or Islamic school; the religion is openly declared. Not so with Steiner. Almost no-one outside knows there is a specific set of beliefs being used.

If you are considering signing up to Steiner, use the categories list to find appropriate information, read the useful websites I have listed, and most importantly, do some research yourself before you dive in. It could save your family considerable trouble.


The Department for Education has not allowed a new Steiner Free school application since Bristol Steiner Academy in 2013, and the threat of the Steiner Academy Five Valleys has receded after the second bid was refused. However, four state-funded Steiner free schools and Academies are in existence and together with the private Steiner schools colleges and care homes  (not always easily identifiable as Steiner) present a hazard for  parents; a veneer of respectability provided by state funding conceals an environment where unproven therapies such as eurythmy are used on children, and where they are assessed using “Child Study” according to the size of their head and the shape of their nose.

Steiner Free schools (Academies)

  • do not have to employ qualified teachers and frequently do not.
  • do not have to teach the National Curriculum – they have their own
  • are state funded – even the eurythmy “therapy”
  • have to follow the rules about anthroposophy dictated by the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship

This site was created in response to the Stroud Free school bid, but until everyone is fully informed about the use of anthroposophy, there will be a need for this kind of resource.